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The Birth of Loggers Rest


In 1996 my late husband and myself past through Stanthorpe on a road trip around the Granite Belt and fell in love with the place.  Stanthorpe was so pretty with Quart Pot Creek running through the park, the people were so friendly and the air so fresh and clean. We were looking for a tree change not to retire but for our wind-down years. You know, where you still work but you do the job YOU want to do, not the one you have to do. Stanthorpe and the Granite Belt suited that just fine. We could easily travel from our home in northern NSW on weekends, so we bought a property just 10k’s out of Stanthorpe. We started to grow some olives and had ideas about a Stanthorpe farm-stay down the track, but, like a lot of dreams we have to adjust to suit the unexpected. In this case it was the death of Greg, my husband, in March 2003. He was just 51 years old and passed away from cancer. It was devastating at first but he had left me with a lot of great memories gained over 16 years of marriage and the will to go on dreaming of a home in Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt. So I adjusted, I sold the farm and started my own dream. Not on a farm but on the edge of Stanthorpe. Close enough to walk to Stanthorpe’s CBD but quiet enough to relax. Merv Muller, an old friend had 7 acres in just the right place, so I asked him to sub-divide 1.5 acres off for me. God bless him, he did. In April 2006 the builder (Jim Green) started on Logger’s Rest B&B. By this time Merv and I had become more than old friends and this explains the name Logger’s Rest. Merv is an old tin miner and logger and the owner of the local sawmill,  just 2 km from the edge of Stanthorpe. At first Merv having been born and lived all his life in the Stanthorpe district,  was very worried about being part of the B&B. But he was willing to give it a go and is now a large part of the character of Logger’s Rest. He soon found that he could meet an amazing array of people from all walks of life, but could always retreat into his own space after a hard day’s work. Just 12 months after we started building, at Easter time in 2007, we had our first guest at Logger’s Rest B&B. At this stage neither Merv nor myself had ever stayed in a B&B so we just treated everyone like an old friend and to this day it seems to work best just like that. Some old friends visit every year and others we see every second year, but they all seem keen to return to Logger’s Rest at Stanthorpe in the heart of the Granite Belt.


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We are in Stanthorpe Queensland

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